UNC Product Management Club

"Life's too short to build something nobody wants" -Ash Maurya

Empower yourself to build stunning valuable and meaningful products


Identify problem spaces and market opportunities. Hold empathy with the customers to understand their needs.


Define the reason to build a product, and what needs to be built. Prioritize and solve the most important problems first.


Bring in cross-functional teams to turn an idea into a launched product. Lead the teams in realizing the long-term vision of the product.

Product Management Lab

Design valuable features for partner tech startupts through our 10 week program

  • Step 1: Ideate

    Identify the problem you want to solve

    Identify and become an "expert" the problem that you will be solving for the product that you are working on.

  • Step 2: Design

    Create a lo-fidelity prototype

    Create a lo-fidelity prototype, such as a user story or storyboard, for your solution.

  • Step 3: Build

    Create a hi-fidelity prototype

    Learn about and create a testable MVP for your solution bsed on your lo-fidelity prototype.

  • Step 4: Learn

    Test your initial assumptions

    Test your initial assumptions by gathering customer feedback on your MVP.

  • Step 5: Iterate

    Improve your MVP

    Create a more valuable product by iterating on you MVP based the customer feedback that you gathered.

  • Demo Day

    Pitch your product feature to stakeholders and the rest of the club

    You made through the whole journey! It's time to present your product to others and share what you have created.

  • Let us be
    a part of
    your story!

Gain experience developing tech products

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Our Amazing Team

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Director of Product Management Lab